Meet the Team.

Mark Holmes

Founder & Elite Sports Therapist

Mark is a Sports Therapist with 18 years’ experience working in elite sport – treating a range of professionals from dancers and triathletes to power lifters. Predominantly his work has been with footballers in the Premier League; having worked with Blackburn Rovers, Sunderland AFC, England U21s, FA Officials and Real Madrid legends like Roberto Carlos & Michel Salgado.

Having travelled the world with his work, and always keen to learn, Mark has constantly been pushed to be at the top of his field as part of a strong medical team, ensuring that athletes are at the top of their game from a performance and recovery perspective.  This included looking at nutrition as part of the recovery process, which is where the idea for Amunra came from; a pure, clean product that has all the benefits of a supplement, but is natural, meaning it doesn’t need to be batch tested and can be easily incorporated into everyone’s daily routine.

Dr. Mayur Ranchordas

Sports Nutrition Consultant

Mayur is the course leader for the MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Science programme at Sheffield Hallam University and the chair of the Sport and Exercise Research Ethics Group.

He teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate Sport Science courses whilst simultaneously working as a sport nutrition consultant, with several Olympic and World Champions, Premiership footballers and professional boxers and cyclists all experiencing the benefits of Mayur’s expertise.

He has a keen interest in sport nutrition science, specialising in how athletes can enhance their performance and improve their recovery, to achieve those all important marginal gains.

For a full profile on Mayur and to read some of his publications, here.

Scott Dann

Co-Founder & Premiership Footballer

Scott is an English professional footballer who has amassed over 400 games in his professional career and shows no sign of slowing down; currently plying his trade as a centre back for Premier League club Crystal Palace; having previously played for Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, Coventry City & Walsall.

A model professional, Scott has captained every team he has been apart of and continues to be a mainstay at the highest level of professional football; something he attributes to his nutrition and recovery protocols, of which Amunra now plays a big part.