How Do Polyphenols Help with Recovery?

Polyphenols and Their Role in Recovery

Recover better. Perform better. As aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our post-workout routine plays a significant role in how we recover and subsequently how prepared we are for our next workout or training session. Consuming micronutrients such as polyphenols post workout can really help with the recovery process.

If you haven’t heard of polyphenols, they are a diverse group of naturally occurring compounds that make up numerous plant-based substances. Polyphenols can be found in food sources such as coffee, tea, berries and beans. They are known for having a variety of benefits, depending on the source, one of which is the role they play in recovery post-exercise. 

Exercise is amazing and we all enjoy powering through a WOD or smashing out some miles on the bike, however, the importance of recovery post-exercise is often overlooked. An effective post-workout routine allows the body to recover faster and helps prepare for your next session, whilst decreasing the risk of injury. When we exercise, our bodies form more free radicals which can lead to oxidative stress and inflammation of the muscles. 

It’s important we give our bodies the best opportunity to recover after exercise. This is why it can be beneficial to drink Amunra Coffee during your post-workout routine, as it is an excellent source of polyphenols. 

How Can Polyphenols Help with Recovery? 

Much research has taken place which explains that polyphenols can play a significant role in recovery after exercise. Studies have shown that polyphenols can help to manage your blood pressure by reducing your levels and therefore the risk of cardiovascular issues developing. Additionally,  polyphenols can keep your blood vessels healthy and flexible, which is beneficial post-workout, as your blood pressure is likely to be higher after exercise. 

Polyphenols can help support your immune system and fight off infections. They do this by promoting immunity to foreign pathogens and by assisting in the regulation of various immune responses. Having a stronger immune system will assist you with recovery, as you are less susceptible to developing issues and can fight off infections more easily. 

Exercise can temporarily cause us to produce more free radicals, which can damage healthy cells and result in inflammation. A major health benefit of polyphenols is their ability to reduce inflammation, making Amunra a perfect post-workout drink to speed up recovery.

Polyphenols are also considered to be prebiotics as they help to feed healthy bacteria to the gut which keeps it functioning properly. Maintaining a healthy gut can contribute towards a quicker recovery post-exercise by increasing the absorption of nutrients that are essential for muscle repair. 

Consuming a source rich in polyphenols within around an hour of your workout will help maximise the recovery benefits. Having a cup of Amunra Coffee is an ideal option that will help rehydrate you whilst providing you with the optimal dosage of polyphenols and caffeine. 

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