Clever Coffee.

The Unique Taste of Amunra

 When creating Amunra, we knew we wanted to create a drink that could provide coffee lovers with all the well known benefits of caffeine whilst also hitting the spot taste wise. With a mix of smooth dark chocolate, sweet molasses, toasted hazelnuts and a hint of spice, Amunra offers a standout coffee that combines fine taste with an array of benefits, for athletic performance & recovery as well as mental focus.

The Impact of Caffeine 

Various studies have shown that caffeine in coffee can improve performance in endurance, strength, power  and high intensity exercise and it can also reduce the perception of pain and can reduce post exercise muscle soreness. As the content level is higher in Amunra, the benefits are more prominent when compared to other commercially available coffees.

The Benefits of Polyphenols

Polyphenols come from different plant based substances and are made up of compounds that are beneficial for recovery and health. The excellent health benefits of polyphenols include helping digestion, boosting brain health, protecting against heart disease & type 2 diabetes and combatting inflammation. Polyphenols can also enhance recovery after performance, and they can help to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

All coffee naturally contains polyphenols, but due to our selection of coffee beans and our method of roasting them, Amunra contains higher amounts of polyphenols.

To find out more about the benefits of polyphenols found in Amunra, read what our lead scientist has to say in our science section.

What makes Amunra Stand Out?

We recognise that coffee has an impact on the lives of billions worldwide, and like you and many others, we value high quality coffee that not only provides a great taste but also allows you to experience the well known benefits of caffeine. That’s why when creating Amunra, we perfected the formula and recipe to result in a unique tasting coffee that provides impactful performance benefits.  Amunra contains the optimal amount of caffeine per serving (180mg +-10mg) to help increase performance levels. It also boosts recovery due to the higher levels of polyphenols (160mg +-10mg) per cup. Polyphenols are naturally occuring compounds found in coffee that exert antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects which can accelerate recovery.