Improve your Recovery with Pure Performance Coffee

Improve your Recovery with Amunra 

The one or two hours in the gym, on the track or pounding the pavement isn’t the only place where performance gains are made; it’s what you do for the rest of the hours in the day that can have the biggest impact on your results.

Replenishing your body with fluids is an important first step for recovery as we need to replace lost fluids. 

What does your Body Need after a Workout? 

The most essential thing your body needs after a tough workout is water. Hydration is vital, especially if you've been through a particularly strenuous session. Replenishing your body with fluids will help to improve your muscle flexibility, reduce muscle soreness and can help to build strength. 

It’s also a good idea to consume some carbs post workout. Studies have shown that consuming carbs within 30 minutes after a workout can enhance glycogen resynthesis, replenishing glycogen stores that are used as fuel during exercise. 

Consuming protein post workout should be a priority, especially if you are trying to build muscle as exercise triggers the breakdown of muscle protein. By consuming an adequate amount of protein after a workout (0.14 – 0.23 grams of protein per pound of body weight), you’ll assist the repair and rebuild of new muscle tissue. 

One perfect addition to your post workout strategy would be an Amunra Pure Performance coffee as a latte, alongside your meal. This would provide the perfect combination of proteins and carbohydrates from the milk as well as the recovery enhancing polyphenols (160mg*) in our coffee. It also helps to rehydrate and the milk contains electrolytes, making this one of the best drinks for recovery.

Why Coffee Post Workout?

Caffeine although predominantly used as a pre workout aide can be beneficial post workout. Caffeine increases insulin secretion, which allows your body to transport nutrients faster. This is helpful when consuming protein and carbohydrates post workout, as it allows them to rebuild and recover your muscles quicker. 

Another beneficial property found in coffee is chlorogenic acid (CGA), which has the ability to restore glycogen levels post exercise. CGA helps to regulate blood sugar levels and can increase your overall heart health by lowering blood pressure. 

The main post workout benefit of coffee though is the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols which help to prevent and reduce muscle soreness after exercising. Antioxidants allow our body to efficiently process and remove free radicals, which cause inflammation and oxidative stress post workout. Helping combat those free radicals has a massive impact in aiding recovery.

Adding Coffee into your Post Workout Routine? 

To optimise your results, it’s best to consume a combination of protein, carbs and simple sugars within an hour of you completing your workout. A cup of Amunra coffee with milk (as a latte) can provide you with the perfect mix of protein and carbs as well as the optimal level of polyphenols and caffeine for performance recovery. Despite what is sometimes reported, coffee also keeps you hydrated and can help to replace fluids lost during exercise. Once you get into a routine of replenishing these nutrients after each workout, you will start to experience more positive results and get more from your exercise.  

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